First of all, one needs to establish what a small penis is and the reason why you want to increase yours. The size of the penis when flaccid is irrelevant because it does not determine the size when fully erect, because some men have a penis that is extremely small when flaccid but becomes massive when fully erect, while others display a relatively large penis when flaccid penis but it does not grow remarkably.

The size of a normal penis when erect falls between 15 and 18 centimeters and it is only deemed really small when it has less than 10 to 12 centimeters. From a scientific standpoint, a penis enlargement is only justified when its size is below 10/12 centimeters, but, in reality, things are not exactly like that. We, men, know that size matters… and women do as well.

Regardless of what science claims, nothing prevents a man who has a penis deemed normal to go for an enlargement. A man who has an 18-centimeter penis and wants to know how to increase the penis is something normal. Why shouldn’t he? And the good news is that the bigger the penis, the easier and quicker the enlargement.

But even before you know how you can quickly increase your penis (which we will mention below), it’s important to know some other things about penis enlargement, because such information will be vital to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals.

Does genetics play a role in the penis size?

Naturally, genetics is related to every aspect of our lives. When we are born, we already have a tendency to be tall, slim, fat and etc., so genetics has everything to do with the penis size of an adult man.

This is not theory, nor simply common sense. Several studies conducted in the United States reached the conclusion that the sons of well-hung men have the tendency to have equally large penises.

genetics is related to every aspect of our lives
genetics is related to every aspect of our lives

So, if you do nothing, the size of your penis will be determined in every regard by genetics. But, fortunately, nowadays a man does not have to settle with what God gave him, like it happened some decades ago.

If you think that you will feel a better MAN by enlarging the penis, you just have to get down to work and do it, as simple as that. If you think your penis is small, then it is small indeed, regardless of its actual size!

Many men have a penis with 14/15 centimeters and feel perfectly well with it. And many with 18/19-centimeter penis want to learn how to enlarge the penis to get a few more centimeters, which will give them an extra sense of security and masculinity when they are with a woman, especially when they have multiple partners or are at the beginning of a relationship.

Do women care a lot about the penis size?

Yes, they do a lot, but, if you ask her, she will probably say she doesn’t. There is not a single woman who does not like to see a large and pretty penis when a man gets naked. More often than not, the size has little to do with the sexual performance itself.

The man’s skill and experience are more important than the size, but the psychological effect that a penis instills in a woman, right in the very first moments, can determine the success or failure of the entire relationship.

Of course, a woman probably cares more about some aspects of her own anatomy, such as the size of her breasts, than with the size of her partner’s sexual organ, but that does not mean she does not look at it… and if she spots a tiny thing, she immediately feels disappointed and has low expectations.

And believe me… few things are more discouraging than noticing the disapproving look of a woman when a man gets naked and she sees something that is not a powerful and virile penis.

Do women care a lot about the penis size?
Do women care a lot about the penis size?

However, the penis size, in reality, is more important for men than for women. A man is competitive by nature. He likes to be the tallest, the strongest, the manliest of the pack and having an average penis does not help much.

More than the pleasure that a big penis can give to a woman, it gives confidence to a man. And a man with confidence will always have a superior performance in his relationships.

The confidence of having a virile and big penis is important right off the bat, when a man approaches a woman in a bar, at a party or in any circumstance. A well-hung man is certain that, if his approach goes according to plan, he is ready to cope with anything down the road.

In turn, a man not that hung will always conduct a shyer approach, because he does not know the woman, he does not know the partners that she already had and remains doubtful about his ability to match what she has experienced in the past.

So, if you think that a few centimeters more will give you the confidence to approach any woman, feeling ready to face anything that comes your way, turn on the engines and ENLARGE YOUR PENIS! Don’t think twice, if size is important to you, do it!

Now it’s time for the most important thing…

How can one increase the penis in a safe and permanent way?

If you search online, you will find several opinions on how to increase the penis size. Some do work, others do not. Some are safe, others are not. Some are too complicated to materialize, others are not.

But, relax, you do not need to use several methods to increase your penis, nor you need to resort to anything too complicated. Here, we will teach you how to increase your penis naturally with just three simple methods, and one is actually optional.

Keep reading…

Exercises to Increase the Penis

Quite probably, the thing that you will encounter the most is someone saying that the best way to increase the penis is with exercises, and in most cases that person will try to sell you a “special” eBook that everyone else is unaware of, which offers top-notch results in no time.

However, do penis enlargement exercises work? Yes, they work, but we don’t recommend doing them. To get some benefit from these exercises, based on the principle that they work indeed, you will have to do them every single day (sometimes more than once) for at least six to eight months. Do you think you can make that commitment every day, for at least 180 to 200 days, for approximately one hour? Probably not!

Although the exercises to enlarge the penis work, most men who do them fail to get any results, because they stop doing them after one or two months, or because they do not them on a regular basis, and doing the exercises occasionally, only when it suits your schedule, does not produce any results.

But the truth is… why should you subject to that burden when there are much simpler things?

Penis extenders to increase the penis

Penis extenders

Penis extenders are the only mechanical method that really provides visible and efficient results in the long term. In fact, everything that has to do with increasing the penis permanently is always in the long term, but extenders have the advantage of being much easier to use than the exercises, even though they both use the same principle.

The extender should be applied from four to six hours per day, but you can do it whenever you want to: in the evening, which is the preference of many men, or during the day under baggy pants, so no one notices anything. It takes five minutes to correctly place it and two to remove it at the end of the required time. Something simpler than this is difficult to find!

Feeling some discomfort is normal during the first weeks. However, you should not feel pain – pain is synonymous that things are already too tight or too stretched and being in a hurry does not mean an accelerated growth.

Like the exercises, penis extenders take between six to eight months to produce effective results. But we will give you trick which will significantly reduce this time.

The pills to increase the penis

Pills are the number one method for many men who want to increase their penis. Is there anything better than to take two pills per day and, at the end of six months or less, have a penis with 4 or 6 centimeters more?

Nevertheless, many men complain that pills do not work. Even those whose efficiency in penis enlargement is factual. What is happening, after all? Do pills work when it comes to increasing the penis or not?

Yes, they do work. At least those who we recommend to the bottom of this page, because there are many pills that are just placebos, and many others are just fake products which do not provide results and, more than that, jeopardize your health.

The problem is that taking take two pills and expect your penis to grow out of the blue is not enough. Unlike the two aforementioned methods to increase the penis, which are mechanical and “stretch” the penis, the pills work internally by increasing the penis through dilation of the penile tissues – increasing the small alveoli that accommodate the blood when you have an erection.

Did you read that well? By increasing the tiny corpuses that lodge the blood when there is an erection. In other words, in order to provide their full-fledged results, the pills need an erection. If you take the pills and fail to have an erection, then the effect is minimal.

Generally speaking, every healthy man has two or three spontaneous erections per night. But this is not enough. Therefore, if you want to extract the maximum effect of the pills, you should provoke several erections per day, as many as you want. In this case, the more, the better.

You don’t need to ejaculate, because that doesn’t get you any benefit, quite the opposite in fact. And you can use any method to achieve an erection: sex, masturbation, massage yourself with smooth movements (preferably using a good cream). Do it discreetly while you’re watching TV, in the bathroom, when you are laying down, before you get out of bed, etc.

This is the “little secret” that almost every website that approaches this subject and every seller forgets to mention. Pills need erections to operate in full!


How can I really increase penis size?

We recommend three simples methods, as we have told you at the beginning of this article. Forget the exercises to enlarge the penis – they are not worth the effort.

We do recommend pills to increase the penis. But don’t let yourself be fooled by miraculous or outrageous promises that many websites claim, like: enlarge your penis by 5 centimeters in three or four weeks with the product “xyz”. No, it’s not that simple. You will also need 4 to 6 months to get definite results.

The method we will recommend below usually provides good results after 4 months, but like everything in life, time is relative and determined by several factors.

Then… Take two pills per day, quality pills, made from herbs that increase penis size, from those we recommend on the link found at the bottom of this page (or any other pills, as long as you are certain about their authenticity and efficiency) and provoke the maximum number of erections per day as described above. BASICALLY, WITH THIS BASIS, YOU WILL GET RESULTS IN 6/8 MONTHS.

The two methods below are intended to increase the effect and substantially cut the time needed. If you use both in 4 months, you can have definite results.

1) – Besides taking the pills, use a proper cream for penis growth at least once a day (we recommend the best on the link at the bottom), with a massage that should last at least 15 minutes with your penis hard. In addition to this massage, you should do another without any cream throughout the day.

2) – Use a penis extender for at least 4 hours per day. If you opt for the extender, you can cut the number of erections.

THAT’S IT. AS SIMPLE AS THAT. All that you need is to take a good pill to increase the penis and cause several erections per day. The application of the cream and the extender are optional but highly advisable. With that you will get bigger, better and faster results.

The information is all here. The choice is yours! And it’s not just miraculous promises. It’s pure science!