How to Increase Penis Enlargement Pills Effect

If I told you that there is a way to increase the effect of pills to enlarge the penis more than twice, would you believe me? And what if I told you that a study has shown that you can increase the effect of penis enlargement pills in a simple and affordable way to any man by 278%? That is good news, right? It is necessary to take into account that sex is important to maintain a happy relationship, and although women do not always admit the size of the penis counts. There are many methods to enlarge the penis […]

3 Simples Methods to Increase Penis Size

First of all, one needs to establish what a small penis is and the reason why you want to increase yours. The size of the penis when flaccid is irrelevant because it does not determine the size when fully erect, because some men have a penis that is extremely small when flaccid but becomes massive when fully erect, while others display a relatively large penis when flaccid penis but it does not grow remarkably. The size of a normal penis when erect falls between 15 and 18 centimeters and it is only deemed really small when it has less than 10 to […]

Is Natural Penis Enlargement Possible?

Several studies conducted by scientists point out that all men want to increase their penis, even if not necessary from a theoretic point of view, and all of them benefit from it in sexual performance when they do it, regardless of their current size. Anxiety is found in many aspects of our lives, it hovers in the air and runs from person to person like a virus. However, while most people feel nervous about their jobs, health or family, others feel deeply anxious about their own body, worrying about the overall physical appearance or some anatomical detail. When we carry […]

Influenza in the middle of an epidemic

The flu has been slow in coming, but now she is here. How many consultations are of flu? 7% of SOS Médecins’ consultations are for flu compared to 5% previously, and 1% of emergency consultations is mainly influenza viruses A (H1N1 and H3N2) that circulate. Who is sick with Influenza? The average age of people affected by the flu is 58, and more than half are aged 65 and over. Most of these are people with risk factors. The Flu is attacking Europe strongly. Malta is in the middle of a flu epidemic, in England and Portugal the virus is […]

Poor Blood Circulation and its Effects

The human being is the only mammal affected by this condition. What explains this particularity? It’s simply due to our biped status. The gravitational force naturally draws blood to the legs, it is to the heart that comes back the difficult task of pumping the blood upward to oxygenate and redistribute it in the rest of the body. Unfortunately, over time, some people develop venous problems that prevent the good circulation of blood from the legs to the heart. Stagnant blood in the legs will cause other complications. Circulatory problems often result in leg disorders. The heart struggles to diffuse or […]

Frequent Leg Pain Causes

There may be several causes that can make you feel leg pain, from circulatory problems, muscle problems or simple tiredness. To determine the causes of leg pain, it is necessary to observe the same in various situations – abnormal exertion, at rest and in various positions, such as sitting. Here are the most common causes for les pain: Leg pain due to circulation problems When you have leg pain on several occasions and the same pain does not go away, or at least relieves, with rest, it is probably a sign that the pain is related to circulation problems. Although […]