Sun. Aug 14th, 2022
4 Driving Rules Every Driver Must Learn

Learning how to drive safely is essential for your safety. Here are some driving rules you must remember: Observe your surroundings while reversing, respect other drivers and pedestrians, and don’t speed. With practice, these habits will be second nature. Read on to learn about the other rules of the road. These are simple yet effective ways to keep yourself and others safe. You’ll be glad you learned them as a new driver. You can also hire a professional Dubai chauffeur service to avoid such hassle. 

Respect other drivers

In many states, you must obey the law when driving. If you do not, you can be in trouble. A car with an aggressive driver can cause an accident. The first step to handling the situation is controlling your anger and calling an emergency to report the incident. Remember, State Police patrol the roads in unmarked vehicles and are on the lookout for aggressive drivers. Aggressive drivers are subject to license and registration suspension by the RMV.

Avoiding aggressive driving

A few simple rules can prevent dangerous and potentially deadly collisions. If you’ve ever driven near someone who has an aggressive driving style, you know how tempting it is to speed up, blow through stop signs, or ignore traffic signals. All of these actions are likely to result in an accident. To avoid this situation, turn off your music or ask your passengers to remain silent while you’re behind the wheel.

Observing surroundings while reversing your vehicle

Before putting your vehicle into reverse, observe your surroundings while steering. Test administrators will deduct points from your final score if you don’t observe your surroundings while reversing your car. Often, missed points on the road test result from aggressive braking, so practice slow braking a quarter-mile before your destination. This will give you plenty of time to slow down and stop.

Avoiding speeding

When you’re on the road, avoid speeding. It may seem counterintuitive, but speeding saves you little time and often results in a ticket. Furthermore, speeding reduces reaction time and “stored” energy. To avoid speeding, match the speed of other traffic as closely as possible, remain to the right of moving traffic, and maintain a safe following distance.

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