If you want to learn how to win your ex-boyfriend back, but have attempted basically everything and are not getting results whatsoever, or you simply don’t know where to start because he doesn’t care about your efforts, then this article will surely help you.

We all imagine the pain involved when the relationship with our boyfriend or husband crumbles down and we still love them, but the truth is that reality can be even more painful than our assumptions and only those who have experienced such thing can understand that pain, which can be nothing short of traumatizing.

When that breakup happens unexpectedly, you feel like someone has just pulled the rug under your feet, that everything you have built together up to that point is collapsing, your chest feels extremely tight to the point where you can’t eat, it’s just impossible to fall asleep and sometimes even to breathe.

The pain is so intense that is just like we’re being torn to pieces. Our life ceases to have any meaning and often we don’t even take care of ourselves. There’s room just for one question: How can I get my ex-boyfriend back?

The reason for the end of your relationship with your ex-boyfriend

Winning your ex-boyfriend back

Often, the relationship with our boyfriend or husband starts to slowly crumble down without we ever noticing it and then, one day, it just breaks apart. Women tend to say their ex-boyfriends changed overnight or that they went away all of a sudden.

We often miss tiny signs in our lives and we think that the breakup happened due to some heated argument, a small disagreement that was not that important to end a relationship that sometimes has lasted for years.

But neither your ex-boyfriend has changed overnight or walked away for no apparent reason, and that decision wasn’t fueled by some simple argument or disagreement. The separation was already happening slowly.

You may have failed to notice them, but there were countless small things, tiny disagreements or a slow mutual separation that contributed to the final rupture. The heated argument was just the boiling point that triggered the whole debacle, it was the pretext to finish something that wasn’t going anywhere, at least from his standpoint.

The decision to put an end to your relationship or marriage had been inhabiting his mind for a long time, brought by an accumulation of things, leading to a slow estrangement between the two, something that perhaps you didn’t even notice.

When that happens, it doesn’t really matter who ended the relationship or whose fault it is, as probably both of you are responsible for the state of the relationship, which motivated your ex-boyfriend to step away from it.

And, now, how can I convince my ex-boyfriend to come back?

how can I convince my ex-boyfriend to come back
how can I convince my ex-boyfriend to come back

Quite probably, you’re using all your energy and willingness to convince your ex-boyfriend to come back. To resume your relationship or to live together again. Right?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you won’t manage to succeed if you continue to persuade your ex-boyfriend to come back to you. No matter how logical and rational your thoughts and arguments may be, the odds of having him back are probably close to zero.

There is no technique or method you can use to convince your ex-boyfriend to go back to you, because the relationship breakup was an emotional decision and reason will hardly invert that emotional decision.

But the fact that you can’t rely on logic to convince your ex-boyfriend to come back doesn’t mean you can’t win your ex-boyfriend back, resuming your relationship or marriage.

There is a major difference between “convincing” and “winning back”. The difference may be imperceptible to your eyes now, but, basically, you have three paths:

  • You can go your on with our life, trying to forget your ex, finding someone else who can make you happy.
  • You can try to convince your ex to go back to you and resume your old relationship, probably unsuccessfully.
  • You can win your ex-boyfriend back, forging a new and happy relationship with him. But, for this, you have to act properly.

If your decision is one of the first two, then you can stop reading right now. You can go on with your life, you can try to forget your ex-boyfriend and live a new life, one perhaps even better, after going through the suffering of the first days.

Trying to convince him to resume the very same relationship is something that has little chances of success, since it’s almost impossible to reverse an emotional decision by appealing to reason. This option will only make your ex-boyfriend move even further away from that reality.

BUT YOU CAN WIN YOUR EX-BOYFRIEND BACK SUCCESSFULLY. And, if that’s your decision, the following tips will help you win your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband back.

So, how can I win my ex-boyfriend back?

As I said above, it’s pointless to try to convince him that you’re the perfect match for him or the only woman who can make him happy. Being too insistent is useless, and so is calling him or messaging him without stopping for a minute, or even trying to blackmail him emotionally.

The truth is that you don’t need to convince him, it’s about winning him back! If you want your ex-boyfriend in your life again, then you need to win him back!

After a relationship has ended, we often see one person doing everything to resume the relationship, but, unfortunately, the odds of doing that successfully are quite low, because it’s easy to do mistakes that push the ex-boyfriend even further away.

But, by using the right tips and procedures, you can win your ex-boyfriend back with a success rate of almost 100%. You just need to convince yourself and follow the tips on our website.

Winning your ex-boyfriend back for a new relationship

You must first accept that the relationship has come to an end, so things won’t be as they were before. It’s going to be a new relationship, probably even better! All serious relationships leave a tremendous mark on us. There are always strong memories, particularly negatives ones. But, if you want to win your ex-boyfriend back, you need to heal those wounds in your heart before starting a new approach.

You also need to erase his negatives memories by doing things that win him over, reviving the good memories of when you were together. He must look at you without resentment in order to succeed in a new relationship.

Win your Ex-Boyfriend Back
Win your Ex-Boyfriend Back

This is an opportunity to do things all over again, but in a different way this time around. It’s a new opportunity, perhaps a great one!

But you need to arouse his attraction to have him back, he has to feel attracted to you as he had been in the past, he can’t feel sorry for you. That’s why it’s pointless to persuade him to go back to a relationship that he has ended. You have to win him back for a new relationship.

Turning your life into a pity party, not taking care of your looks whenever you leave the house and beginning for his attention, for his affection, asking him to come back to you, that’s the recipe to make him feel sorry for you, it won’t stimulate his attraction, and you won’t win him back either.

You need to arouse attraction in him, desire and, to do that, he must see you as a strong woman, who didn’t allow herself to be defeated, who can live without him, and not as a woman who humiliates herself for tiny fragments of his love.

Creating nostalgia to win your ex-boyfriend back

First of all, you must stop trying to be his shadow, whether you do it physically or over the phone or on social media, give him space so that he may end up missing you.

This will make him see you a more mature person, who learned from the whole situation, and will also give you some time to rearrange your ideas. Both need some time to heal the wounds that led to the breakup of your relationship or marriage.

Use that time to improve your looks, to come up with an image that you know he likes, and to reflect on the mistakes that pushed you away from each other. That will instill a sense of longingness in him, creating a greater acceptance the next time you meet in person or talk over the phone.

You should properly analyze the way you were when you first met. Your personality, your way of dressing and looks, your physical appearance. And how are you now? What has changed? You need to become that woman again, the one with whom he has fallen in love in the past.

The Most Common Mistake When Trying to Win your Ex-Boyfriend Back

There are a plethora of wrong behaviors that will ruin any chance to reestablish your relationship with your ex-boyfriend, but there’s one in particular that’s even more troublesome, which every woman insists on putting into practice, wrecking their plans.

It’s a profound attachment to love stories – longing for the past, for the happy memories, the moments of intimacy, the routine as a couple…

All this creates a neural path in a woman’s mind which, after the end of the relationship, creates a massive void in their lives! They begin to miss him, they feel incomplete and the urge to experience that sense of fulfillment again, to win their lost love back.

Forget the relationship you had with your ex-boyfriend.

You need to win this man back
You need to win this man back

He won’t accept the old way of doing things. You need to win this man back for a new relationship! It’s pointless to change what went wrong…

Building a new path, with new opportunities, new feelings, new dating opportunities is much wiser and reasonable…

That’s what you need to do!

Instead of trying to reestablish the failed relationship, you must learn how to build a new relationship with your ex, to form a new bond, even bigger and stronger than the one you had before.

If you need to recover anything, it’s what he felt for you, nothing else. You just need to make him fall in love with you again… He must look at you and see the woman he fell in love with in the past.

You must show that that woman still lives inside you, trying to make him forget your dark side, which led to the breakup.

We often change during a relationship, we let go of our light, fun side… And we become someone who is boring, nagging, stressed, jealous and insecure.

All you need is to become that woman again, which, for some reason, you let die slowly. And there are many ways to do this; to have the attention, the affection of your love back…

You must make him realize that he still loves you, making that feeling even stronger! You need to leave what happened behind, and build a new, even stronger story.

Just a couple of simple deeds will do the trick. That will make him miss you, he will feel the need to be with you, to think of you every moment, forgetting about any other woman, putting as his first goal the need to resume your relationship.

He will be desperate to be by your side once more, to resume the relationship. And, no matter how long you have been apart; when you use the right seduction techniques, things will work.

How to successfully win your ex-boyfriend back

How to successfully win your ex-boyfriend back
How to successfully win your ex-boyfriend back

The possibility of winning your ex-boyfriend back is doable, because, if we think about it properly, he was in love with you when the relationship started. You’re not a stranger anymore… you’re a woman he loved!

Therefore, if the relationship ended, that had to do with circumstances that changed his feelings for you. Perhaps due to constant arguing, an accumulation of disappointments or misunderstandings. Or maybe because both took the relationship for granted and began to walk away from it without realizing it.

The truth is that you have been happy in the past and, if that changed, it was because the circumstances also changed. But that’s the painful points that you have to work on while barring yourself from establishing any contact.

When the moment of reunions comes, which may be casual or previously scheduled, you need to introduce yourself as the woman he likes, as the woman he has fallen in love with. And he also needs to awaken in himself the man he had once been, the man you fell in love with.

The guidelines at the bottom of this page teach you what you to know and do to be that woman and get him to be the man who he once was. Try it and you won’t regret it, because, to conquer your ex-boyfriend, you can’t make any mistakes. A small mistake can jeopardize everything.

Over the years, our experts have researched and outlined a list of strategies to help people with relationship issues, including when they break up.

With these guidelines, you can learn from the experiences of hundreds of people who have gone through moments like those you are living now and so you can take advantage to successfully win your ex-boyfriend back.

The time you’ll need to get your ex back depends greatly on your personality, the type of relationship you’ve had, and the feelings that may still exist between the two, however repressed they may be.

For this reason, you need to put an end to the negative feelings you have about your past relationship and help him, if necessary, to forget the negative parts as well. Both need to focus on the positive elements you lived and on the positive and common points that both have, which have led you to fall in love with each other before.

If you still miss your ex-boyfriend and his presence, you can make the decision to win him back and be happy again but, for this, you must do things properly, you must follow the step-by-step guide and you can’t do things randomly, as this can produce poor results.

Most relationships can be saved and you can simply ask what you need to do and then do it properly. And that’s why we’re here – to help you win your ex-boyfriend back the best possible way for both. So that your new relationship will make you happy for many years to come!