Several studies conducted by scientists point out that all men want to increase their penis, even if not necessary from a theoretic point of view, and all of them benefit from it in sexual performance when they do it, regardless of their current size.

Anxiety is found in many aspects of our lives, it hovers in the air and runs from person to person like a virus. However, while most people feel nervous about their jobs, health or family, others feel deeply anxious about their own body, worrying about the overall physical appearance or some anatomical detail.

What can a man do to increase his penis?
What can a man do to increase his penis?

When we carry that anxiety due to some less positive thing in our body, we stop enjoying life as we should, ending up with a gloomier existence. And if our anxiety happens to be related to some aspect of our sexuality, like our penis, the harmful effects are much more negative. Fear and anxiety is not the answer.

This is not some fallacy or an unproven theory. A recent study conducted with 367 military men, all under 40, showed that those who felt happy with their sexual attributes and appearance suffered from little or no anxiety about their sexual performance, having good sexual performance in every intimate situation.

What about the others? Those who have or think they have an extremely small penis? The results were the opposite. They presented high levels of anxiety about their sexual performance and had poor sexual performance in most intimate relationships (particularly with new partners). Fear leads to anxiety, which, in turn, instills strong effects on sexual performance and leads to even more anxiety – a vicious cycle that can shatter the sex life of any man.

What can a man do to increase his penis?

Fear and anxiety is not the answer. So, like in any other situation, we should do something to change the situation, to fix the problem. But this requires information; information on what can be done and what works to increase the penis and a man’s sexual performance, hence eliminating his anxiety and fears.

Several studies show that about half of men who think they have a tiny penis are actually within the range deemed normal.

Based on several studies, the average size of an erect penis lies between 14 and 16 centimeters and is only considered extremely small if it is less than 10 centimeters, nevertheless, other studies have also shown that most men think that the bar is higher, therefore they compare themselves with naturally gifted men, becoming depressed with their own size.

Those studies concluded that if a man thinks he has a small penis, even if that’s not true, he continues to experience the same level of anxiety of a really “small” men, and that form of anxiety also hinders their sexual performance, not allowing them to have a normal and pleasurable sex life.

The conclusion from these studies is that the concept of a small penis lies in the head of every man, having nothing to do with what numbers or science says. If a man thinks he has a small penis, then he is small indeed – period.

Is naturally increasing the penis possible?
Is naturally increasing the penis possible?

The psychological advantages (anxiety and sexual performance) of enlarging the penis are the same for all men, whether that’s 10 centimeters or 16 centimeters. A man with a 16-centimeter penis (deemed normal in theory) reaps the very same benefits after increasing his penis a few centimeters more of a man who has a really small penis.

Enlarging the penis is something that boosts one’s confidence, self-esteem and smashes anxiety for good, also enhancing the sexual performance of any man, of any size. And the good news is that the bigger the penis, the easier the enlargement.

Penis enlargement basically works around percentages and, if a man manages to increase a big penis by 20%, the enlargement is much more significant than that same 20% in a tiny one.

Several studies conducted by scientists and worldly renowned brands in the sale of sexual performance products like pills, pumps and penis extenders point out that all men want to increase their penis, even if not necessary from a theoretic point of view, and all of them benefit from it in sexual performance when they do it, regardless of their current size.

The only issue is that not all products advertised for this purpose work alike, and some don’t even work. Others are extremely dangerous. This is why it’s important to answer these questions:

Is naturally increasing the penis possible?

Many people around the world put their faith in some herbs to increase penis size and natural remedies; this particular belief can be applied to men when it comes to a natural penis enlargement. Natural products refer to OTC (other than prescription drugs or surgery) or the use of penis enlargement pills. A natural penis enlargement refers to any natural method to increase the penis length or girth or sexual performance.

In something as important as our penis, we must get as much information as possible before making a decision.

Given how difficult it is to increase the penis, regardless of the method, we must scrutinize all the procedures before buying or using them.

You should ponder about the feasibility of naturally enlarging the penis and the answer to this question may vary. It all depends on what you are looking for and what you regard as natural. Although many people with specific interests may tell you that there is no way to enlarge the penis other than surgery, natural products can actually make a difference.

But, like everything else in life, particularly in something as important as the penis, we must get as much information as possible before making a decision. So…

What works best to enlarge the penis?

Even though you may cross paths with tons of options and opinions on the best way to increase the penis, there are basically three popular, effective and safe methods: supplements, extenders and exercises.

But, as a starting point, we can rule out surgery.

Even if we take into account that surgeries become safer year after year, there are always several potential complications. But the most negative aspect is not even that. The biggest issue is that the benefits are too low to offset the risks and high cost. For that same reason, we will rule out the possibility as a starting point, even more so because it’s not our field of expertise, and we will shift the focus to natural penis enhancement methods.

Penis enlargement exercises, do they really work?

Penis enlargement exercises
Penis enlargement exercises

Exercises are one of the vastly used methods to enlarge the penis. Albeit not a common muscle, the truth is that the penis can be enlarged with exercises like any other muscle in the body. But every penis enlargement exercise should be thoroughly studied and carefully applied to avoid injuries, so you must study each, before doing it. Penis enlargement exercises are accountable for many injuries due to poor application and/or hurry to get results.

There are several specific penis enlargement exercises, with Jelquing being the most popular. This technique is a kind of massage that pushes the blood from the base of the penis to its tip. This allows you to increase the size and have a better control of your penis reaction.

But if penis enlargement exercises work well in theory, they fail when it comes to the real deal, because 95% of men don’t have the patience, nor time to do them correctly every day, in order to get the potential results that penis enlargement exercises can offer.

Although there are reports of men who have managed to significantly increase their penis just with exercises, the truth is that almost all of them give up before reaching their goals.

Penis extenders, do they work?

Penis extenders
Penis extenders

Yes, penis extenders work better than exercises. Albeit based on the same principle, the principle of traction, the truth is that they are much easier to use. Instead of spending one or two hours doing exercises day after day, you just need to attach a penis extender to the penis and let it stay there for about six hours.

Since you can use it during the day, under baggy and comfortable pants, and at night, this is a simple penis enlargement method that provides good results in the long run. It takes half a year.

Unlike exercises, which most men don’t have the determination to do them fully, penis extenders can be easily applied under baggy pants, allowing them to act naturally for a few hours on a daily basis.

Penis enlargement pills, do they really work?

Enlarging the penis naturally also has to do with several herbs and natural supplements. One of the biggest benefits with the use of natural plant extracts is that they can be taken regularly for long periods of time, without struggling with the side effects of the drugs prescribed to fix this issue or erection problems.

The extra blood prompted by the pills flows into the penis, when used for long periods of time, resulting in a permanent increase, which can be seen even when flaccid.

The several herbs found in natural supplements to enlarge the penis work by increasing the volume of blood that flows into the penis, increasing the sexual drive. These natural extracts have the ability to increase blood flow in the genital area, so you get a ‘fuller’ penis, hence bigger.

Penis enlargement pills
Penis enlargement pills

This extra pressure, when deployed for long periods of time, results in a permanent increase, which can be seen even when flaccid. Penis enlargement pills are the current most widely used method. This comes as no surprise, they are simple to take, efficient, and deliver results much faster than any other method.

Pills work in the opposite way, compared to exercises and penis extenders. They work by dilating the tissues. Pills increase the power of erections, dilating the penis’ cavernous bodies, thus allowing more blood to flow into it.

On top of that, they have two more benefits over mechanical methods: they increase the erection hardness and male satisfaction, allowing you to last longer in bed, which is beneficial for both.

But, obviously, based on this information, the pills only work when the penis is erect. That’s why you need to incite erections to get all the potential that pills can offer. The method doesn’t matter – you can have sex as often as possible, masturbate or just touch yourself until you get an erection. Having an orgasm is also irrelevant. Your only goal should be to get erections and keep them for as long as possible, preferably more than once a day.

The only issue is that many men are in too much of a hurry and, if they fail to get effective results in a month or two, they give up on the treatment right away, not allowing the pills a proper chance to show results.

Nevertheless, not all penis enlargement pills work alike, and some don’t even work. Besides the whole lot of pills that are just slightly better than placebos, there is also the danger of counterfeit versions, which are illegally purchased in Asia, pretending to be top-quality brands, with packages that are exact copies of the originals and therefore almost impossible to distinguish.

Counterfeit is the major issue with pills, they don’t work and, worse than that, they are a real health hazard.

The best way to distinguish them is by looking at their sales pages, usually displaying scandalous offers at very low prices. Whenever they throw unrealistic offers at you or give you below-normal prices, your alarm should go off. The biggest issue with these counterfeit pills is not the fact that they don’t work, but the danger they pose to your health.


What can I do to enlarge my penis?

Your best option is a penis extender while taking pills and, when you’re not using the penis extender, you should provoke some erections. These two things are complementary, thus creating a synergy that allows you to increase the penis in a much shorter time.

If you don’t have the money to buy both, or if you don’t want to have something “glued” to your shaft, pills are the best option, and you should cause as many erections as possible to enhance their full potential.


If the size of your penis is a source of anxiety and disrupts your sexual performance, calm down and carefully read this article (bookmark this page), analyze the science behind each method and choose wisely.

Men are more concerned with their penis size than with women!

best penis enlargement methods
best penis enlargement methods

Keep in mind that women are not the ones concerned with the size (except for a few exceptions) – it’s men! If a man is not satisfied with his size, he will never reach a high performance, therefore affecting the woman.

You are now acquainted with the best penis enlargement methods, so you just have to make your choice, according to your goals, availability and determination to achieve those results and then stop thinking about other options you hear or read on the internet (such as air pumps, weights, etc.).

Last tip: always purchase quality products on trustworthy websites and don’t let yourself be influenced by unrealistic promises or low market prices. After all, your health and sexuality are at stake. And probably your happiness and that of those around you as well.

Our recommendation is to use a good supplement to increase the penis in the form of pills. It’s the simplest and safest method of enlarging the penis without injuring yourself.

To enhance the supplement’s effect as much as possible, you can do some penis exercises and/or masturbate on non-sex days, even without reaching orgasm – just maintain the erection as long as possible for the pills to take effect.