What do you do in your free time? Do you have hobbies that allow you to be distracted and disconnected from the world? On the other hand, are you the kind of person who doesn’t have the time for these things, or maybe you even think that hobbies are a way of wasting time and you can’t afford it?

The lack of a hobby, a daily motivation and subsequent inactivity is a source of personal frustration, leading in many cases to the development of depressive and anxiety symptoms that sometimes end up with genuine affective disorders among people.

Even for people who have a busy life, having a hobby can be an excellent way to control the levels of stress responsible for many sexual and psychological illnesses.

A person that has no kind of hobby, it can be dangerous to their mental health, because being inactive is harmful to the brain. Downtime is a health risk.

People who, for various personal, family or social circumstances, find themselves without occupation, do not study, do not work, have nothing motivating in their daily lives, are people with an alarming lack of vitality, they have few personal resources to fully explore your full life.

They go through life without future projects and do not know how to fill the time. Many claim not to be able to do anything other than sleep, sit in front of a screen, meet friends without a specific plan or spend hours in front of whatsapp, twitter or facebook, google.


Exercise is beneficial for older people

It is never too late to try something new. Older people, while not becoming the next sport star, may can doing exercise and other things. After all, hobbies are important for staying happy and living a balanced life. Being older may mean that you are more established in many areas, which makes it easier to fit certain activities into your schedule.

It is a phase where you are more mature, have more patience and enough energy to practice certain physical activities, as a moderate exercise, which is benefic to your health. What are you waiting for to embark on a new adventure?

Hobbies are an essential component of our personal lives and can be good for our physical and mental health. Hobbies are not a way to waste time; they are a productive way of making full use of our free time. Depending on what our personality is, what you like and what our interests are, we chose some activities to make the most of this time.

In general, any pastime or hobby we choose to enjoy our free time with our interests in mind will be good for our health.

For example, a good hobby for older people is dancing. Dancing, as well as being a fun way to exercise, also has other added benefits, such as being available to everyone. Dancing allows you to exercise your body at different intensities and according to your needs. Also, for those who like to dance, this is a very fun and affordable activity that releases a lot of wellness hormones.

In addition, dancing can also be a social activity that allows you to relate to others with similar tastes, or an activity that you can comfortably perform at home.

Sport is health

Sport is health

People of all ages are increasingly adept at sports. Whether for health, competition or just for fun, the benefits of sport on our body and on our physical and psychological wellbeing are undeniable.

Any sport activity is good for achieving maximum performance of your body and excellent physical and mental state.

However, for good performance in both, amateur and professional sports, it is important not only to eat well, but also to supplement properly, as our body, thanks to higher energy expenditure and faster metabolism, has nutritional needs increased. In both, sports and day-to-day exercise, special care must be taken before, during and after training or competition.