Thu. May 19th, 2022
Make Your Heat Pumps Last Longer by Following These 4 Steps

You can take a few steps to keep your heat pumps in tiptop shape. These steps include cleaning the coils, changing the air filter, and resetting the defrost system timer. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful! Keep reading for some great tips and ideas! Follow these steps to make your heat pumps last longer! And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the topic!

Maintaining a clean heat pump

If you’re looking for ways to extend the life of your heat pump, consider performing periodic maintenance on it. You can do some DIY maintenance on it, such as cleaning the evaporator coil and dusting the indoor unit. Professional maintenance can include checking the refrigerant. Regardless of which type of maintenance you choose, it’s important to maintain a clean heat pump. This maintenance should be performed on all unit components, including the evaporator coil and filter. Adding a deodorizing system is also recommended. Air intake grilles are usually located on split systems. Clean the grille with a brush or dry cloth.

Cleaning the coils

Before you can perform routine maintenance, you should first clean the coils. These parts should be cleaned once or twice a year, depending on how dusty your environment is. In the case of older equipment, you may have to clean it more frequently. Cleaners for coils are available at home improvement stores. You should apply the solution using a brush or a spray bottle. Remember to keep the fins unbent when cleaning the coils, as they may become damaged.

Changing the air filter

Changing the air filter regularly is important for your heat pump, but you should know more about the importance of doing so than to improve its performance. If you’re running a tight budget, you can skip the quarterly changes and change it every two months instead. The bottom line is that you can increase the life of your heat pump by a few years by following these simple steps.

Cleaning the defrost system timer

The defrost cycle puts extra strain on your equipment. Moreover, when the heat pump operates in defrost mode, you may hear a loud noise. Depending on the type of heat pump, this noise may annoy those nearby. Clean the timer to make it run more efficiently and prolong its lifespan.

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